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COMBAT warm air unit heaters

Energy Efficient Heating Systems

In these days of high energy costs and environmental awareness, the need for energy efficient heating systems has never been greater. And that is where Harold Engineering comes in.

Infrared Heating Systems Warehouses, Factories and other Open Commercial Spaces

The introduction of Infrared Tube Heating systems has solved the problem of warm air escaping through open doors, windows and otherwise rising to the ceiling where it is of little benefit in large warehouses and factories. Radiant tube heaters are also approximately 40% cheaper to run than conventional systems.

How Infrared Heaters

Instead of heating air and blowing it into the open space, infrared heaters radiate heat that warms solid matter, not the air. In the same way we feel the heat of the sun on our skin whilst the air temperature may be cold, radiant heating systems heat rays from a ceiling mounted radiant heater in a mall or warehouse – passing through the air and heating the people and infrastructure at ground level. This heat in turn dissipates, providing a warm atmosphere at ground level, rather than at ceiling level.

COMBAT Infrared Heating Systems

For over 20 years Harold Engineering has been the market leader in Infrared Heating Systems, installing over 2,000 gas fired Infrared Radiant tube heaters across the country. Woodies stores, NCT Centres, school halls, factories and numerous outdoor smoking areas and beer gardens have benefited from our COMBAT heaters. For different type applications we also have COMBAT unit heaters where the space does not lend itself to radiant tubes.

Water Heating Systems

Water heating efficiency is also an area where there has been major improvements in recent years. Harold Engineering offer the Cordivari range of calorifiers and buffer tanks. The Cordivari ‘Polywarm’ coating on these tanks gives a finish that is more resilient than traditional enamel and proves considerably less expensive than stainless steel.


Engage Harold Engineering early in your heating system selection process and we’ll help you specify and install the right heating system for your needs

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