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Parker Domnick Hunter

Parker Domnick Hunter is a world leader in equipment for compressed air filtration, air purification and compressed air drying. Air treatment is an exact science and Parker Domnick Hunter are leaders in the fine end of the market where quality, support and technological expertise are paramount.  Domnick Hunter was originally founded in 1963 and became part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation in 2013.

Compressed Air Products Available in Ireland

Harold Engineering have been a partner with Parker Domnick Hunter for many years and offer their compressed air filters, dryers, breathing air purifier systems and condensate management products. Their products are at the forefront of air treatment technology due to their huge in-house experience and their involvement with ISO, PNEUROP, CAGI, and BCAS in the development of international standards for compressed air and air testing,

As a result we are able to include their products in delivering optimum compressed air systems into the Irish market. that deliver to the customer excellent technical solutions with best in class overall cost of ownership. Key areas of application of Parker Domnick Hunter  solutions are in the food, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and chemical industries, where tolerances are particularly critical.