Warm Air Heating System

Warm air heating systems are a cost effective replacement for traditional water heated systems.

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Warm Air Heating System
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How Warm Air Heating Systems Work

Cold air is drawn into the unit and passed across the heat exchanger in the warm air heating system, which can be run off natural gas, or LPG. A fan then redistributes the warm air into the environment until the desired ambient temperature is reached.

COMBAT Warm Air Unit Heaters

Harold Engineering offers the COMBAT range of warm air heating units. COMBAT have been manufacturing these warm air heating systems for over 50 years. The range includes suspended and free-standing units and the versatile design facilitates room sealed or open flue installation, providing the flexibility to find a solution for any application.

50 years of manufacturing experience has allowed COMBAT to fine tune and perfect the technology applied in their warm air heaters. Safety and reliability is promoted using automatic ignition burners with remote lockout and reset, whilst aluminised steel tubular heat exchanges (there is also a stainless steel option) deliver the durability synonymous with the COMBAT brand.

Harold Engineering have installed hundreds of these units in Ireland in retail units, industrial factories, garden centres and warehouses.