Infrared Heating Systems

Efficient heating systems for factories, warehouses and other open spaces.

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Infrared Heating Systems
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Infrared Heating System
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Infrared Heating Systems & Infrared Heaters

COMBAT and Patio Pal Infrared Heaters

Harold Engineering offers the COMBAT and Patio Pal ranges of low intensity infrared heating systems. The company has already installed over 2,500 units in applications ranging from hi-roof retail units, warehouses and factories, to industrial storage units and outside smoking areas in pubs.

Infrared Heaters & Radiant Heating

Infrared heaters are highly efficient. The principle of infrared radiant heating is that it heats like the sun. In the same way that the sun heats a surface regardless the air and wind temperature, our infrared heaters are extremely efficient at delivering heat in an environment with many air changes such as an open smoking areas or a warehouse/factory where the heat radiates to the people and surrounding matter, not the air. When doors are opened and the ambient air is lost, the heat is retained within the fabric and contents of the heated area.

Infrared Heating for Factories, Warehouses & Outdoor Areas

Most noteworthy reference sites across the country include the Woodies chain of stores and the NCT Centres. Likewise, hundreds of pubs and hotels throughout the country have improved the attractiveness of their smoking areas and beer gardens by installing our infrared heating. Our infrared heating can also be seen in chicken farms where the excellent control of the heat in the environment is key to healthy birds.