Calorifier and Hot Water Calorifier Tanks

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Calorifier Hot Water Calorifier Tank Cordivari

Calorifier & Hot Water Calorifier Tanks

Cordivari Buffer tank
Cordivari Calorifier Tank
Cordivari Calorifier Polywarm Single Coil 300 Ltr
Calorifier Hot Water Tank
Cordivari Calorifier Polywarm Dual Coil 300 Ltr
Cordivari Calorifier Stainless Steel Single Coil 300 Ltr
Cordivari Calorifier Stainless Steel Dual Coil 300 Ltr
Robur AY Condensing Boiler for Outdoor Installations

Cordivari Calorifier , Buffer Tanks & Hot Water Cylinders

Harold Engineering offers an extensive range of calorifiers, buffer tanks and hot water cylinders manufactured in Italy by Cordivari. The Cordivari Group was founded in 1972 and continuous investment in R&D since then has ensured that the Cordivari product range has stayed at the forefront of product development in industry leading water heating systems.

Cordivari Polywarm® Series

Cordivari developed the Polywarm® series in 2003 with the hot water cylinder being manufactured in carbon steel which is then internally lined with a special polymer finish cured at 230oC. These calorifiers are pliable – unlike glass-lined cylinders which suffer from transportation damage, pipe connection thread damage, thermal shock and break-down of the lining at the welded seams on the inside of the tanks.
Winning the ANVER award for innovation at the time of their launch, the Polywarm® series has been extensively tested in various markets and comes complete with a full 5 year warranty. A site reference list is available to illustrate how successful Harold Engineering has been promoting these products since we introduced them in Ireland, obtaining approval from consulting engineers and end users for these products alike – particularly in Hospital and Healthcare facilities.