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An expertly selected range of wheel balancers to suit the needs of any size of garage or workshop.

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Ravaglioli Wheel Balancers
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HAROLD Wheel Balancer

Ravaglioli and Harold Wheel Balancer

A key piece of equipment in garages and tyre shops these days is of course the wheel balancer which allows the mechanic to balance a wheel with a new or refitted tyre. Based on the high-frequency use of this vital piece of garage equipment, Harold Engineering have worked to list units from only the best brands to suit all budgets.

Quality Wheel Balancers

There are various solutions and brands available including Ravaglioli, and our own brand ‘HAROLD’ wheel balancers. So, depending on the requirements and budget, we are confident we have a competitive solution for you. With hundreds of units installed across Ireland, Harold Engineering can also advise on what wheel balancing technology is best suited to your personal needs based on the types of vehicles you service. We can also arrange a visit to your business to see your current wheel balancers in action in order to best advise on the best technology for you now and into the future.

Wheel Balancer Maintenance and Repair

Our longevity in the market is built not only on excellent products, but particularly on the technical support we provide in order to establish long lasting relationships with our clients. If and when your wheel balancer equipment requires maintenance or repair, Harold Engineering are available to assist you getting up and running again as soon as possible.