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One of the most active pieces of garage equipment, your choice of tyre changer is paramount.

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Ravaglioli Tyre Changers
Ravaglioli Tyre Changer
Harold Tyre Changer
HAROLD Tyre Changer 48801D

Tyre Changers Ireland

Naturally important to maintaining a functional, roadworthy vehicle, we know that tyre changers or tyre machines are an essential piece of equipment for the majority of our garage and motor transport suppliers. At Harold Engineering, we pride ourselves on assisting customers to select the best tyre changer for their business requirement based on available space, budget and usage frequency.

Selecting a Tyre Changer

There are many different models of tyre changer available on the market today, all with a wide range of features and add-ons. At Harold Engineering, we stock the most reliable tyre machines with brands such as Ravaglioli and our own brand ‘HAROLD’ to suit all budgets. Whatever your requirement, we have a competitive solution for your business and with hundreds of units installed across Ireland, we can visit your location to understand your exact needs.

Tyre Changer Maintenance and Repair

If and when your tyre changing equipment requires maintenance or repair, you can rely on our service team to get everything working again via our celebrated full service solution trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers in Ireland.