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Some of Our Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Equipment

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Nederman Exhaust Extractor Hose
Nederman Emergency Vehicle MagnaRail

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Experts

In 2012 the World Health Organisation classified diesel fumes as being carcinogenic to humans. This finding further emphasised the need for all reasonable steps to be taken to prevent personnel being exposed to diesel fumes. Harold Engineering has many years experience supplying and installing vehicle exhaust fumes from garages, workshops and factories.

We specialise in stand-alone and centralised systems from premier brands such as Nederman and Plymovent.

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Harold Engineering are the leading installer of exhaust extraction in emergency vehicle facilities throughout Ireland. We have installed the Nederman Magnarail and Magnatrack systems in over 200 fire stations and ambulance depots across the country.

This unparalleled system allows the fire engine or ambulance to be started and drive out of the station without exposing personnel in the building to carcinogenic diesel fumes. Extraction starts automatically when the vehicle is started and the innovative design ensures that the exhaust fumes continue to be captured right up until the point when the vehicle exits the building.