Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Supplying Irish customers with the latest in industrial vacuum cleaning technology.

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Some of Our Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Units

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Delfin Industrial Vacuum – heavy duty vacuum cleaners

Heavy Duty and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Harold Engineering have carried out numerous dust & fume extraction installations in applications as diverse as the manufacturing industry, educational establishments, and emergency services facilities.

Range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We offer a comprehensive range of ‘capture at source’ technology from established manufacturers such as Nederman, Plymovent, Delfin and ‘Woodwork Dust Control’.

Delfin Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Carefully selected by our own experts, Harold Engineering supply Delfin products – an Italian company specialising in the manufacture of Industrial Vacuum Systems including both mobile units and centralised vacuum systems. Since 1992 they have been delivering cost effective vacuum solutions to companies across the world, enabling the user to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Vacuum Applications

Delfin vacuum units are not only used for cleaning – there is a very wide range of applications for Delfin’s industrial vacuums and centralized vacuum systems. These include conveying mixes, compounds and materials in a production process, and the safe extraction of hazardous materials such as explosive powders, inflammable liquids and toxic substances.