Extraction Downdraft Tables

Solutions to extract fumes and dust at source.

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Some of Our Downdraft Tables

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Plymovent DraftMax
Nederman Welding & Grinding Table

Extraction Downdraft Tables in Ireland

Pollution control in a working environment can come in many forms including extraction arms, hoods and tables. Through our partnership with Nederman, Plymovent, Movex, Delfin and others, Harold Engineering is well positioned to prescribe the optimum solution for your particular application.

Plymovent Downdraft Table

For certain applications, a downdraft table will perform the best method of capturing fumes before they enter the breathing area of the operator. These compact units can be located anywhere and can include in-built or external filtration. Plymovent Downdraft Tables are ideally suited to welding, grinding and plasma cutting as they also double as a worktop for the operator. Harold Engineering stock a wide range of options from Plymovent.

Nederman Welding & Grinding Table

The Nederman Welding table is designed for the effective extraction of dust and fumes during welding and grinding operations. It comes in three widths, 900mm, 1,350mm and 2,000mm. The modular design of these draft extraction tables mean that they can be used in isolation, or in tandem with other tables.