Extraction Arms for Fume and Dust Extraction

Mitigate risk presented by dust and fumes in the working environment.

//Extraction Arms for Fume and Dust Extraction
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Extraction Arms – Sample from our range of Fume and Dust Extraction Arm Products

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Extraction Arm Nederman
Nederman Original Extraction Arm
Nederman Extraction Arms
Nederman ATEX Extraction Arm
Nex MD Welding Extraction Arm
NEX MD Welding Extraction Arm
Mobile Nederman Dust Extraction Arm / Fume Extraction Arm
Nederman Filtercart Mobile Filter Unit
Plymovent extraction arm Dust and Fume extraction arms
Plymovent Ultraflex Extraction Arm
Geovent ASA-4 Arm

Extraction Arms for fume and Dust Extraction

For over forty years Harold Engineering has been selling extraction arms throughout Ireland. In recent years, as the health and safety of all personnel becomes ever more in the spotlight, extraction arms have offered companies in all industries an affordable, convenient way to mitigate the risk presented by dust and fumes in the working environment. Extraction arms are connected to a source of vacuum and filtration and are a very flexible solution for removing contaminants.

Nederman Extraction Arm Distributor

Widely recognised for their quality and reliability, the Nederman and Geovent ranges of extraction arms represent the very top of the market. Offering an extensive range, arms are usually either bench or wall mounted and are easily adjustable to suit the individual worker’s preference.

Common applications for these extraction arms are welding, soldering and sanding but they are also just as common in a range of general industrial applications where contaminants need to be removed from the environment. As the Nederman range includes ATEX extraction arms and arms for use in corrosive environments, there is a solution available for the most challenging environments.

The relationship between Nederman and Harold Engineering goes back many years and has been very successful for both companies.


Geovent & Plymovent offer a complimentary range of extraction products to that of Nederman. This allows Harold Engineering to offer you the widest range of options available from both a technical and cost perspective.