Bag / Cartridge Dust Collectors

//Bag / Cartridge Dust Collectors
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Some of Our Dust Collection Units

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Nederman Filtermax
Geovent GFB2 Tower – All in one Filter & Fan
Woodwork Dust Control Multifilter 3 bag

Bag and Cartridge Dust Collectors

A by-product of many industries is dust of some sort. This may be from foods, grains, metals or chemicals and in some cases may represent an explosive and/or respiratory hazard. It is essential that dust is managed to avoid impacting health & safety, housekeeping, product integrity and process inefficiencies.

Once the dust has been removed at source, it is necessary to transport it to a collection point to be deposited in a dust collector. Harold Engineering provides a wide range of dust collector units from several manufacturers including Nederman, Aernova and ‘Woodwork Dust Control’.

Depending on the requirements of the application, these dust collecting units may include filters and shakers and will often be fully automated. Regardless, the dust itself will be collected in a cartridge or bag for removal from site.

If the material is of an explosive nature the entire system will need to be manufactured to an ATEX standard so as to prevent and mitigate explosion. Regardless your requirement and level of risk, Harold Engineering can advise a solution to meet your business and operational requirements.