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Certified Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment Installation and Maintenance.


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Harold Engineering distributes and supports a complete range on fume extraction and dust extraction equipment. Below is just a small sample of what we supply. If you have a particular requirement, just call us on 01-2575100.

Extraction Arms

Dust & Fume extraction arms

Extraction Downdraft Tables

Downdraft, welding and grinding tables

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Dry and wet vacuum units for industrial applications

Bag / Cartridge Dust Collectors

For dust such as wood waste, sawdust etc...

Extraction Fans

Low, medium and high airflow extractor fans

Fume Enclosures

Spray booths, fume enclosures & fume cupboards

On-tool Extraction

Removal of dust & fumes directly at source

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Solutions for extraction of vehicles exhaustfumes

Dust and Fume Extraction in Ireland

It is the nature of many businesses that dust and fumes are necessarily generated in the working environment. Sometimes these are solely a matter of discomfort or irritation, but in many cases they represent a serious health risk and specialist dust and fume extraction equipment may be required.

Dust and Fumes Health and Safety Risks

It is long proven that excessive levels of dust and fumes from various industrial products and waste can pose serious health and safety risks such as respiratory conditions and the risk of explosion.

Health Risks from Inhaling Dust & Fumes

Related to people breathing in the contaminated air, pollution implications are dependent on the substance involved. For example, many people continue to operate in vehicle servicing environments where high levels of diesel fumes are present, unaware of the fact that the World Health Organisation has determined such pollutants as carcinogenic.

Risks of Explosion without Fume Extraction / Dust Extraction

Health and safety risks also exist in environments where the dust in an environment is combustible. Most dust may be seen as fairly innocuous, but at certain levels of concentration is highly explosive. Dust particles at the risk of explosion include grain, flour, starch and sawdust. The equipment required to provide dust and fume extraction in such environments must be to ATEX specification in order that it does not itself increase the risk of combustion.

Nederman Automatic Vehicle Exhaust Fume Extraction Systems

Harold Engineering has many years experience providing solutions that ensure a safe working environment by either minimising or eliminating particulates in the air. For example we have installed Nederman automatic vehicle exhaust fume extraction systems in over 200 fire stations across the country together with numerous fume extraction installations in NCT stations.

ATEX Systems

Furthermore, our expertise and experience of ATEX systems has allowed us to design and supply our customers with extraction solutions where they have potential explosive environments in sectors ranging from mines to bakeries and schools.


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A competitive advantage which Harold Engineering has is its ability to offer a wider range of products than any other of its peers. In the example below, the true ‘one stop shop’ ability of Harold Engineering was brought to bear.

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