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Employing compressed air control systems to deliver best in class energy efficiency

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Our Range of Compressed Air Control Systems

Ingersoll Rand Intelliflow Valve
Ingersoll Rand X-series Controllers
Renner Intelligent Control System

Air Control Systems that Deliver Energy Savings

Control systems are the key to unlocking energy savings in compressed air systems. In a bid to save energy we are experiencing more demand than ever from customers seeking to adopt and install our sequence control systems to run their compressor plants.

Air Control System Products

With solutions to suit all types of organisations, our optimum Air Control Systems involve the use of Ingersoll Rand System Controllers and/or Renner Control technology.

Ingersoll Rand System Controllers

Ingersoll Rand X8i & X12i sequence controllers not only help to manage your machine selection but have the capacity to add complete system visualisation from your PC. Amongst other features, here you are able to view your total plant air consumption, identify operational machines and to change machine settings. Furthermore, automated machine warnings can be communicated to your technical staff via SMS. The visualization system can also incorporate readings from our Intelliflow system and dew point monitors to offer you a complete system diagnostic which can be accessed 24/7.

All of this system information and notifications helps you in identifying increased demand or system malfunctions, allowing you to continually optimise the compressed air solution within your organisation.

Renner Controllers for System Efficiency

Likewise, your Renner compressor comes with the option of the Renner Intelligent Control System, a master controller for monitoring and optimising the performance of up to 12 machines in your compressed air installation.