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Compressed Air Treatment & Storage

compressed air treatment
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Compressed Air Treatment Experts

As leading experts in the industry of compressed air, we understand that the quality and drying of compressed air treatment is as important as storage, piping and distribution of the compressed air itself. That is why Harold Engineering provide a full consultancy and turn-key installation service for all of your compressed air treatment requirements.

Compressed Air Quality

The quality of compressed air is determined not only by the process of compression, but more importantly by how the compressed air is conveyed and the air treatment applied before it is used for the related application. Therefore the manner in which the compressed air is filtered, dried, stored and conveyed to the application is critical.
At Harold Engineering, we have over 40 years experience in compressed air treatment and in determining the optimum combination of these critical stages in the air treatment process

Compressed Air Drying Solutions

Offering technology from Ingersoll Rand, Parker Domnick Hunter among others, Harold Engineering has a range of compressed air driers including refrigerated driers and desiccant driers. We have installations of desiccant driers delivering dew points of -70 degrees for the electronics industry and -40 degrees for the pharmaceutical sector. Likewise where the dew point requirements are less demanding, we offer a range of affordable refrigerated driers .

Compressed Air Storage & Piping

The inclusion of appropriate air storage in the form of an air receiver is necessary to:

  • provide a reservoir of compressed air for the system,
  • stabilise air pressure and
  • prevent the compressor cycling too quickly.
  • The size and material of the air receiver will depend on the application and Harold Engineering will advise you what solution will best suit your application.
    Compressed Air Piping
    When the compressed air is being conveyed to its point of use, it is important that the piping system offers the necessary flexibility and adaptability so that current and future needs can be met with ease. Our modular systems from Ingersoll Rand and Teseo are designed to deliver excellent adaptability so that the addition of drop points can be carried out without compromising the entire compressed air system installed.