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We supply the complete range of Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Tools

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Harold Engineering stock a complete range of compressed air tools

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Ingersoll Rand Air Tools

Following 40 years as Ireland’s leading air compression experts, we have dedicated ourselves to hand selecting the best performing and most robust air tools on the market for our customers. Today we champion air tool products designed and developed by industry leader Ingersoll Rand.

Industrial Impact and Percussion Tools

Harold Engineering has sold thousands of Ingersoll Rand impact and percussion tools for use in a wide range of applications including assembly, surface finishing, production and maintenance. These tools are designed to deliver excellent reliability and to withstand the toughest treatment 24 hours a day.

It is testament to their durability that we often see units back for minor repair or service ten years after they were first purchased. Ergonomically designed for ease of use and safety, these air tools are the most advanced of their type in the world for size, weight and power output.

Cordless Air Tools

The IQv12 and IQv20 series of cordless tools from Ingersoll Rand are designed and built with over 100 years power tool development experience. They are tailored for vehicle servicing, industrial manufacturing and maintenance applications in mind.

The convenience and versatility of a handheld, cordless air tool combined with their rugged, durable construction we’ve come to admire from Ingersoll Rand make them the best buy on the market today.