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Combat Ireland - Warm Air Heating System

Combat HVAC

Warm Air Heaters & Radiant Heating Systems

Established in 1966, the company started off as warm air heating specialists under the Combat brand. Roberts-Gordon acquired the company in 1999 and at the same time Combat purchased successful radiant heater manufacturer Blackheat in order to offer a wider portfolio of products to their customers. In 2015 the company reverted back from the name Roberts Gordon UK  to Combat HVAC Limited.

The company is headquartered at a large modern manufacturing and distribution facility in the UK and this is the manufacturing base for the Combat range of warm air heating equipment.

Distributor of Radiant Heaters and Warm Air Heaters

Harold Engineering have been the distributors of Combat HVAC products in Ireland for many years. The energy efficiency of radiant tube heaters has made them a great success – our installations of these can be seen in retail outlets, factories, warehouses, pub gardens and hotels throughout the country. Examples include the majority of Woodies stores and NCT test centres in Ireland. Likewise where the application requires it, we offer the full range of reliable and low cost warm air unit heaters from Combat HVAC


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