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Air Compressors from Ingersoll Rand and Renner distributed and supported in Ireland by Harold Engineering.

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High-end air compressor equipment

. . . for the most demanding environments including:

Rotary Air Compressor
Rotary Air Compressor
Oil Free Air Compressor
Oil Free Air Compressor
Air Compressor
Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor
Air Compressor
Reciprocating Air Compressor

The Complete Air Compressor Range for Busy Garages

Whether your interest is in air compressor equipment generally or you need a specific type of air compressor solution, Harold Engineering is ranked among Ireland’s top sources of expertise in this area. We can provide you with a full turnkey design and installation service for your garage workshop. Whatever challenge you may encounter, we have been there before and have the experience you need.

Still the Leading Brand Air Compressor Supplier in Ireland

Harold Engineering has supplied Irish industry with the full range of energy efficient Ingersoll Rand air compressors and other industrial air compressor solutions for more than forty years.

Get the Optimum Life Cycle Experience for your Compressor Solution

For us the most important thing is that you have the best possible ‘Life Cycle Experience’ of the air compressor equipment you purchase from us. This extends from commissioning right through the life of your compressor. Our commitment to after sales support and maintenance is the foundation upon which Harold Engineering is built – pulling out all the stops to minimise any disruption to your operation, day or night. And that is why we have customers who have purchased multiple generations of air compressors from us over the years.

Energy Saving Heat Recovery Systems

We identified many years ago the value of recovering the wasted heat from the compressed air generation process and using this heat to produce useful hot water for the end user. Over the past number of years we have engineered and retrofitted heat recovery systems to many of the air compressors across our installed base.

Recovering heat through the medium of hot water offers you the potential to reduce the costs associated with heating water for use in heating, process water or domestic applications (showers, hot water taps etc.). Since the compressor operates no differently with the addition of this heat recovery system this is essentially free energy.

These systems can be factory installed or retro-fitted after the compressor has been installed and we offer this option as part of a new compressor purchases on most contact cooled machines. We have installed many such systems where typically an outlay of just €5,000 can result in an annual saving of €15,000, delivering capital investment return in as little as 4 months.