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Harold Engineering sells, installs and supports the complete range of high-end air compressors from Ingersoll Rand and Renner nationwide throughout Ireland

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Air compressors use high pressure air to power equipment and tools that demand levels of potential energy not efficiently attainable by other means. Storing compressed air under very high pressure, air compressors are used in the most demanding garage equipment and are a safe and instant solution to heavy lifting requirements.

Air Compressors Range

Harold Engineering are experts in air compressor selection, commissioning and after sales service. We stock a large range of top brand compressor solutions from Ingersoll Rand and Renner and we can advise, supply, commission and support your next air compressor requirement anywhere in Ireland.

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Air Compressors – Supply and Installation across Ireland

Experience in Air Compressor Specification, Installation & Support

Harold Engineering has over 40 years experience in the specification, installation and maintenance of air compressors and complete air-powered garage equipment solutions. From small piston air compressors, to large oil free compressor and centrifugal air compressor systems, our engineering team understands the uniqueness and challenges of each garage installation.

With thousands of installations in place across all sectors of Irish industry we work on a foundation of knowledge that is second to none. This allows us to specify the optimum air compressors including the air distribution network and the necessary air treatment equipment for your specific application.

Optimising Life Cycle Cost

In times gone by the selection of capital equipment was based largely on the initial capital outlay for the equipment. Harold Engineering prefers to also take into account the total costs of maintenance and energy costs for the expected life of the air compressor equipment, identifying the real costs of owning and running your air compressors. In this way we can offer you the most cost effective solution in an optimal operating environment.

Potential Energy Efficiency

Air compressors must deliver the optimum balance between Free Air Delivery and energy efficiency. By their nature, air compressors consume substantial electric power and substantial savings can be achieved if the equipment is correctly specified to suit the application. Variable speed drive air compressors will deliver considerable energy savings where the compressed air requirement is inconsistent or where the compressor is used to just top up the supply of other compressors.

Control Systems

Like many industries, the compressed air sector has benefited enormously from the introduction of intelligent control systems. These enable the running of the compressed air system to be truly optimised, ensuring world class energy performance. Harold Engineering has installed numerous Ingersoll Rand Intelliflow systems which have delivered a level of energy savings to the customer that gives less than six month payback on capital cost. Likewise the introduction of Ingersoll Rand XE controllers and Renner Rennertronic controllers delivers energy savings to a wide range of installations.

Air Distribution Systems

At design stage of the project the specification of the air distribution network will be critical to how the compressed air system performs and the flexibility it offers. Some air distribution systems will require multiple drop points whilst others will just call for a simple supply direct to the application. Depending on the requirements of the customer, conventional gun-barrel, plastic, or modular pipework will be employed, and Harold Engineering will recommend the optimum solution.

Oil Free Air Compressors & Air Treatment

The end application will determine the quality of the air compressors that are required. In applications in some industries such as the food, medical and pharmaceutical sectors there may be a need for oil free compressed air and Harold Engineering has extensive experience in this regard.

In designing the system it is also necessary to determine what air treatment is required in terms of filtration and dew point. Harold Engineering’s experience in demanding industries such as the Food, and Med/Pharma sectors equips us with the knowledge to specify and install the correct combination of filters and air dryers to supply compressors for the most exacting processes.